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Pitaka MagEZ iPhone Case Review

Looking for the best iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro case to purchase this year? Searching for an honest Pitaka review? You’ve reached the right place. Read my story/review and decide whether Pitaka MagEZ Case would be the best fit for your iPhone.

I don’t have the habit of upgrading iPhones every year. However, this year was different. My wife just surprised me with an iPhone 11 as the birthday gift. But I managed to drop the iPhone from our bed the second day itself.

That’s when I started searching for a durable iPhone 11 case. I’ve purchased almost 3 or 4 cases and wasn’t happy with any of those. Problem? the weight and dimensions!

iPhone 11 itself is chunky and it’s quite inconvenient if you don’t find an iPhone case with the right dimensions and weight. I was unaware of Pitaka (brand) until YouTube recommended me an Unbox Therapy Latercase vs. PITAKA video.

This encouraged me to research Pitaka and its product range. Pitaka MagEZ Case for iPhone 11 grabbed the attention.

The reviews I saw were quite promising. So decided to give it a shot. I emailed and they agreed to send me a review unit right away. The shipping was swift via SF Express (the benefits of living in mainland China!)

Unboxing Pitaka MagEZ Case

Pitaka: Minimal iPhone 11 Case (In the Box)

The packaging looks and feels premium. The main box comes in jet grey color. I purchased the black/grey (twill) MagEZ case.

What’s inside the box?

PITAKA Slim Case Unboxing
  • MagEZ Case
  • Warranty Card (as QR code)
  • Thank you card

The features (advertised)

  • Metal plates inside to be attachable to the PITAKA magnetic car mount.
  • Made of 100% aramid, a high-tech luxury material for body armor, aerospace, supercars.
  • Weightless feel. 14g weight only. One of the lightest cases on the planet.
  • Extremely Thin. A slim profile of 0.85mm only.
  • Extraordinary scratch resistant, grippy but non-slippy coating.
  • Ridiculously durable and incredibly strong. 5 times stronger than steel at the same weight.
  • No interference with your phone’s WiFi, Apple Pay, wireless charging or signals.

The features (realtime)

MagEZ Case for iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro

As advertised, Aramid is just great. It feels super-light but sturdy at the same time. It doesn’t interfere with wireless charging, wireless networks, and other signals. Battery performs fine, and I haven’t noticed any irregularities in discharging. The mobile network reception works the way it should be. It doesn’t impede the charging port, buttons nor switches. Everything works fine!

Pitaka's Wireless Charging Friendly iPhone 11 Case

I really admire the work they put into designing this case. It’s incredibly lightweight and the non-slippery texture is a win-win for users like me. Another notable feature is the granular design, which adds a premium look to the iPhone case. I haven’t tested the embedded metal plates though. And yeah, even the metal plates won’t mess with your wireless charger.


I’d recommend a MagEZ case anytime. I’m pretty sure it’s the best ultra-thin case for iPhone 11 and iPhone Pro available right now! No wonder why Lew from Unbox Therapy decided to copy Pitaka’s design aesthetics.

Source: Review unit.
Cons: None.
Review type: Unpaid/unbiased. Read my review policy.

Download & Install iOS 15 Without Developer Account

Disclaimer: The following article is meant for educational purposes only. iOS Beta Profile linked on this website is a digitally signed property of Apple. I do not host Apple Beta configuration profiles on my website and servers. Skip the introduction.

The tutorial is applicable to all iOS 15.x.x beta releases. A guide for iPadOS 15 beta profile is available at the bottom of this article. I’ve published this article for informational and educational purposes only.

Apple unveiled iOS 15 at WWDC 2021. This version of iOS looks very sleek in my opinion. For example, iOS 15 makes FaceTime calls more natural, introduces SharePlay for shared experiences, helps users focus and be in the moment with new ways to manage notifications, and brings more intelligence to photos and search to quickly access information.

However, iOS 15 beta previews are only available to the developer community for the time being. Meaning, you need to have a developer account to download and install iOS beta 15.x on your iOS devices.

Luckily, there are workarounds to install iOS 15 beta previews without a developer account. All you have to do is install an iOS 15 Beta Profile.

How To Install iOS 15.x Without Developer Account?

Disclaimer & Credits

  1. iOS Beta Profile as seen on
  2. Download and install beta versions of iOS at your own risk.
  3. Cover image and video via


The iOS 15 compatibility information will be available later on According to Apple Newsroom, iOS 15 software features will be available this fall as a free software update for iPhone 6s and later.