Mass Unfollow LinkedIn Connections

Mass Bulk Unfollow People on LinkedIn (Updated 2018)

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Can I bulk unfollow people on LinkedIn?

Yeah, you can. I’ve just compiled the fastest and safest method to mass unfollow LinkedIn connections.


LinkedIn is great. But their reaction/feed algorithm is cluttered.

I don’t expect LinkedIn to behave like Facebook.

So I made the decision to mass unfollow my LinkedIn connections and only follow the key-people. I found a new script while browsing public repositories on GitHub. I’ve tested it on Chrome, and I’ll share it here.

How To Mass Unfollow LinkedIn Connections?

Bulk Unfollow People on LinkedIn

Follow the steps listed below to bulk unfollow LinkedIn connections.

  1. Visit

    Open Chrome on your Mac or PC, and visit the link.

  2. Open Developer Tools in Chrome.

    Right Click -> Inspect. Switch to the console tab.

  3. Paste the script to the console and press enter.

    Copy the script from here: unfollow.js

  4. Please Enter and wait for the script to do its job.

    If the script breaks in the middle, reload the page and repeat the process until the following count reaches zero and LinkedIn displays ‘Follow Fresh Perspectives’. Good luck.


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