chip.pm is the personal website of Mighil; an occasional blogger, music artist and web tinkerer with core expertise in SEO, social, outreach, and growth strategy. At his blog, he documents his journey with WordPress, reverse engineering, web development and everything digital. His expat guide to Chengdu is one of the top-ranked blog posts on Google.

m1qnet, Signalsiren and @thedeadauthor are his experimental music projects. He spent 2020 experimenting social media automation with Python (Fishbot, Birdbot, art.bot.wf etc.) and helping companies with website migrations and brand positioning. He produced the Kaav EP for Palakkadan Dystopia (a hip-hop side-project run by Street Academics). You can reach him for sound design and audio post production services.


Please contact him by email: info at chipfuzz.com or Telegram @thedeadauthor.

Additionally, you may read the FAQ and fill the online form before hiring Mighil. The Google contact form is blocked China. Visitors from China may email directly regarding budget and scope of the project. Feel free to scan these QR codes if you’re on WeChat or WhatsApp.

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